WWE Icons That Couldn’t Live Up To Their Legend

Professional wrestling has forever predicated itself on the man-made mythology of its inhabitants. The men and women behind the costumes and the roles have had to live up to hyperbole and promotion, both of which raise expectations of the consumer. The very best have made good on the hype, matching every otherworldly promise that story could call upon.

Wrestling is also a nostalgic endeavor for fans, something that entertains from the cradle to the grave. Today’s fan has lived through several generations and eras of sports entertainment, and they’ve witnessed the exploits of countless icons that inspired them through their TV screens. Through that nostalgia, we as longtime fans do become wistful for the good old days of enjoying wrestling in our respective youths. The simpler days, we’ll say.

The serial nature of wrestling means that the action will always be there, and because of that, stars of the past are permitted to return after some type of prodigal exit. As fans yearn for those simpler days, those heroes are oftentimes welcome back.