Roswell Crash Changed Everything

If you’ve heard of Roswell, it’s either because you were a child of the nineties who didn’t have particularly discerning tastes when it came to television programming, or because you’re aware of the conspiracy theory which inspired that soapy-sci-fi alien love triangle mess in the first place. Almost seventy years later, its ripples are still being felt.

Covered up as a crashed weather balloon (and possibly something to do with spying on Russia), there are many who still think the government secrecy over an unidentified flying object landing unexpectedly in somebody’s living room was a sign of US involvement with extraterrestrials. Area 51 being just down the road didn’t help.

The Rings Fan Must Visit

Tolkien created worlds that exist only in our minds. Father to the Hobbits, creator of Middle Earth and inventor of the ‘One Ring’: the books, places and languages he put to paper are now widely understood, and, thanks to Peter Jackson, not just in our minds anymore. Fans of both The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings franchises will be positively jubilant to hear holidays are available to The Shire, and, contrary to Boromir’s famed statement; one DOES simply walk into Mordor. Yes, you’re awake.

Fictional lands created by Tolkien were brought from our imagination to the big screen when Peter Jackson took on the epic task of filming Lord Of The Rings. Now, it’s undeniably difficult to imagine Tolkien’s world without Jackson’s depiction influencing it. Location-wise, it’s almost like Tolkien had the chosen spots in mind when he described them; which of course, he didn’t, because they’re half a world away from the home where he wrote the books in Oxford, England. In fact, the very location Jackson chose was New Zealand: lush green lands, snow-capped mountains and serene lakes… all of which you can visit.

Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock is a fighting style that enjoys an almost mythical status. That is to say that we’re not exactly sure if it exists.

JHR was supposedly developed in, you got it, American prisons, by a group of people that have little else to do but fight and exercise. It is essentially a more formalised version of prison brawling, incorporating lots of different styles with a strong emphasis on improvisation.

There are plenty of myths and urban legends surrounding the art, some think that it’s probably no more than an exaggeration of some inmates’ propensity to beat the living daylights out of each other, but others some think that it is a genuine discipline evolved from many African fighting styles, brought to the States during the slave trade.