Dies In The Bermuda Triangle

It’s still up for debate exactly what the heck is going on in the Bermuda Triangle, that large stretch of ocean (estimated to be between 500,000 and 1,510,000 square miles, between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda), but what everybody knows for sure is that a whole lot of boats, planes, and other forms of transportation that enter it never come out.

Plenty do, of course, and it wasn’t even included on a recent list of the world’s ten most dangerous waters for shipping. Some have suggested that UFOs are abducting people there, or that leftover technology from the lost city of Atlantis draws people down into the murky depths it apparently inhabits nowadays. Spooky.

Something weird’s going on there for sure, with multiple civilian and military vehicles being lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Bombers carrying weapons and Navy ships alike have been mislaid in the mysterious stretch of ocean, which had a somewhat significant effect on how many casualties there were in certain World War II battles, for example.


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