The Halloween Horror Nights are a hard ticket event, meaning that you will need to purchase an extra ticket on top of your regular park entry ticket.

If you are keen to get your scare on and want to purchase both park entry and an add-on Halloween Horror Night ticket, you can do this now, with prices starting at $59.00.

Victims – sorry guests – have also been able to purchase HHN Express Passes, allowing you front of the line access to the events and rides that evening. Bur bear in mind that these Express tickets can only be used at the event, and not at the park during the day.

The 2015 Halloween Horror Night Express tickets begin at $69.99, but remember, this is on top of your park ticket AND your Halloween Horror Night ticket, so it’s a fair chunk of change.

As well as the traditional one night only add on tickets, Universal also offer multi-day tickets, which are perfect if you are planning to go more than once. In 2015, these tickets began at $83.99 and of course you can also add express passes to it.


It’s Scary

Halloween Horror Nights is not for the faint hearted and it’s certainly not for younger children who will have spent their days marvelling at the parks in the daylight. It’s an altogether more adult, more profoundly frightening experience.

Basically, if you aren’t a fan of people jumping out at you and can’t stand awful smells and fake blood, you might want to reconsider whether this is the right event for you.

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

If there is one thing that Universal Studios knows it’s horror. They’ve been making monster movies since as far back as the 1920s and they are pretty much responsible for much of the early iconography of the genre. They are the home of pop culture icons Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, the Wolf Man among others and when it comes to making scary movies, Universal are experts in fear.

Back in 1991, Universal Studios Orlando built on that reputation by holding a three day event called Fright Nights, which has since grown into probably the most famous Halloween extravaganza in the world.

Each year, the now rechristened Halloween Horror Night allows guests to experience true fear as they journey into some of the scariest horror movies. Over the past 25 events, guests have been terrorised by the likes of Jason and Freddy Kruger and taken terrified steps into the worlds of classics like American Werewolf in London and new horror favourites like Insidious.

Most recently, The Walking Dead has become a modern classic of Halloween Horror Nights and has become so popular that Universal recently announced that they will be opening a permanent Walking Dead attraction at its Hollywood park. That can only be good news.

Arguing With Your Family

Your grandparents tell you stories of what they used to do for fun when they were little and it’s as if they were living in a different world. Your grandchildren will probably think the same about you when you tell them stories about the car you used to drive and the people that you used to date.

By that point, they’ll probably be having sex with robots and believe that sex with people is just plain nasty.

Mountain Gorilla

As the second largest species of gorilla, the numbers of mountain gorilla found in the wild are alarmingly low. It is thought that there are fewer than 900 left.

The dwindling numbers are, unfortunately, largely due to human influence. Conflicts in their native regions mean that they are in direct conflict with human refugees and are even at risk from landmines placed along forest paths. They’re also regular victims of poaching, with babies often being kidnapped to be illegally sold to zoos or exotic pet collectors. The adults are usually killed in the process.

Another creeping threat is disease, as gorillas can actually catch diseases such as ebola, making them susceptible to the epidemic that hit our news headlines. Contact with humans, either tourists, poachers or otherwise, also bring them into contact with dangerous pathogens that could decimate what’s left of the population.