The Most Ludicrous Story Of All…

So, forget aliens, forget weather wars, forget invisible soldiers, the most out-there tale to emerge from Area 51 somehow involves Soviets, Nazis, and genetic engineering.

Roswell New Mexico’s most famous afternoon, that of the alleged UFO crash of 1947 takes anew twist in Annie Jacobsen’s surprisingly popular 2011 expose of the base. In it, she alleges that, yes and Unidentified Flying Object did crash in the area, and yes that craft was recovered by the US government, covered up, and taken to Area 51, but that the pilots were actually genetically engineered Soviet children.

The purpose of this? To deliberately create alien-looking creatures, put them in a deliberately alien-looking craft, and then deliberately crash it in America to spread fear and mistrust amongst the population. An elaborate ploy, it’s also allegedly the brainchild of fugitive Nazi scientist, Josef Mengele.

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