Maynard’s first professional MMA fight was in 2006, and by 2007 he was fighting in the Octagon, following a successful show of himself on season five of The Ultimate Fighter reality series.

Maynard’s official UFC debut was was very strange, as he slammed Rob Emerson to the canvas, but spiked his own head to the canvas, effectively leaving both fighters unable to continue and resulting in a no contest. Maynard has since gone on to record impressive UFC wins over Jim Miller, Roger Huerta and Nate Diaz (who had defeated Maynard in an exhibition fight as part of The Ultimate Fighter), as well as recording one of the fastest knockouts in UFC history with a 9-second destruction of Joe Veres at UFC Fight Night 11.

Maynard’s career highlight was fighting Frankie Edgar for the Lightweight title which ended in a split draw after Maynard brutalising Edgar in the early rounds. This fight was one of the best fights of all time and gained Maynard the recognition he deserved and also a rematch against Edgar; a fight he would lose via TKO. Since that loss to Edgar, Maynard has gone 1-4, and even more concerning, 3 of the 4 losses have been brutal T(KO)’s and no doubt taken their toll on his body.



The California native made his mark in MMA when he defeated Nick Diaz in 2007 to capture the EliteXC Lightweight title; a result that shocked MMA fans. He followed this up by defending the title by destroying MMA veteran Yves Edwards, proving he had potential.

Noons went on to enjoy mixed success in Strikeforce, where his highlight was fighting Diaz for the third time in a rubber match for the Strikeforce Lightweight Title. Diaz won a widespread decision and to be honest, KJ has never found any major success since then. He took on Ryan Couture at Strikeforce’s final event and though the fight was very close, Noons would lose a split decision. He was still picked up by the UFC though, and was scheduled to fight Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 160 for his first fight; ultimately losing a unanimous decision.

Since his UFC debut Noons has compiled a 2-2 record with 1 no contest. The talented boxer can hang with most on the feet but his ground game never really evolved to the level needed to compete with the elite of the division as we can see by his fights against talented grapplers. Now a middle of the pack fighter without any chance of holding a UFC title in the future, retirement looks likely for Noons or alternatively exploring the MMA market elsewhere.

Diego Sanchez

New Mexico native Diego Sanchez is one of the more unique fighters competing in the UFC. His personality, at times laid back and at times volatile and aggressive, causes most fans to either love him or hate him.

He has remained one of the most aggressive and complete fighters in the UFC’s lightweight and welterweight divisions for the past several years. Sanchez’s big break came in 2005, when he competed in and won the debut season of Spike TV’s popular reality show “The Ultimate Fighter,” swarming on and overwhelming the smaller Kenny Florian in the live finale to win by TKO in the first round. Sanchez distinguished himself on the star-packed first season of the hit series as much for his eccentric demeanor as for his in-cage tenacity.

Sanchez has enjoyed success in his MMA career but has found it incredibly hard to find consistency since 2009. At 2-4 in his last 6 fights and with the 2 wins being split decisions that many fans believed he lost, you could argue Sanchez is 0-6 in his last 6. His style has gone from smothering and skilled grappler to wild in your face brawler; a style that has taken years off his career despite gaining him some fans.

At only 34 years old he is not exactly ancient in MMA years but his body mileage is that of a fighter in his 40’s.

Antonio Rogerio

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira is a Pride and UFC veteran and one of the world’s top MMA fighters in the 205 lb weight division. Though for years he was overshadowed by his twin brother Antonio Rodrigo – who fought some of the sport’s most memorable battles at heavyweight – the younger Nogueira (often known as “Little Nog”) has accumulated far less punishment and may prove to have the longer fight career as a result.

Rogerio has struggled somewhat against the better wrestlers in the UFC’s light heavyweight division, barely edging Jason Brilz in a controversial decision victory, and then losing to skilled wrestlers Ryan “Darth” Bader and Phil Davis in his next campaigns. Clearly now a veteran of the sport, he still has a few more fights left in him but many were concerned for his health after the his last loss; a brutal knockout at the hands of Anthony Johnson

UFC Fighters Who Need To Retire

MMA are arguably the toughest athletes on the planet. In a sport where the money hasn’t come near to scraping the pay of boxers or footballers, why do they continue to fight? The answer is simple; they love competing and for most of them it is all they know.

Continuing beyond your prime in a sport like basketball or soccer doesn’t come with many adverse affects besides you not performing at your best, but it’s a different story in combat sports. The price you pay is your health and the quality of your life. But such is the irresistible draw of competing that even when you’re past your athletic prime and others can see it, it’s possible for the fighter to miss the revelation.

The Most Ludicrous Story Of All…

So, forget aliens, forget weather wars, forget invisible soldiers, the most out-there tale to emerge from Area 51 somehow involves Soviets, Nazis, and genetic engineering.

Roswell New Mexico’s most famous afternoon, that of the alleged UFO crash of 1947 takes anew twist in Annie Jacobsen’s surprisingly popular 2011 expose of the base. In it, she alleges that, yes and Unidentified Flying Object did crash in the area, and yes that craft was recovered by the US government, covered up, and taken to Area 51, but that the pilots were actually genetically engineered Soviet children.

The purpose of this? To deliberately create alien-looking creatures, put them in a deliberately alien-looking craft, and then deliberately crash it in America to spread fear and mistrust amongst the population. An elaborate ploy, it’s also allegedly the brainchild of fugitive Nazi scientist, Josef Mengele.

Gen Spy Plane

One fact that has been reluctantly admitted by the US government, is that Area 51 is not only an Air Force instillation, but one that conducts test flights of experimental aircraft. That’s where any official word on the base’s projects ends.

What stories there are about their latest endeavours are little more than just that, stories. But by combining the rumours with things like filed patents and ariels shots of the base, one of them comes very sharply into focus.

In the wake of new satellite data revealing a large, hangar-like building being constructed at the end of one of the runways. Defence journalist Tyler Rogoway, extrapolates that US air force has a prototype of a long-range and unmanned surveillance aircraft. With approximately 170 feet wide doors on this hangar, many see this as proof that the government’s Next Generation Bomber programme is high-altitude, long-range and, crucially because of the size, unmanned.

The Local Community Cancer

It could be suggested that, if you’re that concerned about your health, you might not live near a military base that’s allegedly involved in the scientific testing of other world beings and technology. But in 1994 the base was dragged into a lawsuit with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Less than a year prior, five unnamed civilian contractors and the widows of contractors Walter Kasza and Robert Frost, alleged they had been present when large quantities of “unknown chemicals” were burned in open pits and trenches near the base. They developed severe skin and respiratory problems, and cancer rates in surrounding communities soared.

In fact, the main purpose of the lawsuit was simply to force the government to divulge exactly what chemicals had been burned, so that doctors might actually be able to treat the scores of afflicted residents.

The Sheahan Family

Way back in 1880, the Sheahan family invested in the mining rights for an otherwise unremarkable plot of New Mexican desert. Some years later, the United States government decided to open a base some 3 miles away.

Over the coming years the family were first asked to move, then offered money for their land, before finally being intimidated into leaving and, inexplicably, sued. USAF planes would “accidentally” fire rounds at their property, and they were once even held at gun point during a “miscommunication” in a training exercise. To top it all off, an other slight mishap led to their mill being firebombed, without a single dollar offered in compensation.



The benefits of an invisibility cloak are as obvious to a military general as they are to any boy wizard, any not a month goes by in the Middle-East now with out some sketchy reports that the US Military are utilising some form of the technology. From grainy CCTV footage of soldiers seemingly blending into their surroundings, to eye-witness accounts from the Iraqi military to ISIS, Chameleon soldiers are filmily part of modern warfare folklore.

But how did the US (allegedly) get their hands on such mind-bending technology? According to leaked reports it’s the work of the Quantum Stealth Project, the most ambitious reverse engineering endeavour that has ever borne fruit at the base. The goal, to successfully develop the same Electro-Optical Camouflage that our Alien visitors utilise for both their crafts and personnel.