Florida Attractions That No Longer Exist


Universal Studios Florida turns 26 this year and only two attractions from the opening day still remain: E.T. Adventure and Universal’s Horror Make Up Show.

Many rides have come and gone to make way for new attractions and even rides which replaced other rides have since been replaced.

Universal’s Orlando Resort has always been limited in space which means that every attraction matters. If a ride or show is beginning to look tired, then action is required and Universal Studios Florida are quick with the axe and aren’t afraid to get rid of attractions, even some that hold a special place in the heart of regular park visitors.

Battle Of Los Angeles Vs Aliens

Also known as The Great Los Angeles Air Raid, this might be one of the most widely-reported and still unsolved mysteries in modern history. The facts, such as they are, are these: from late 24 February to early 25 February 1942, the US military responded to an unprovoked, unidentified attack by enemy forces above the skies of California.

The incident came a scant few months after the Pearl Harbour attacks, meaning America had just entered the war and were a little jumpy. Still, they wouldn’t unleash a barrage of anti-artillery fire on absolutely nothing. At first it was assumed to be a second attack by Japanese forces, but that was swiftly debunked.

Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox waved it away as a “false alarm”, but didn’t explain the bright lights in the sky which caused the army to fire in the first place. UFOlogists assert that this was one of the most significant paranormal events in history: first contact. Or rather, first contact, and the aliens were absolutely not friendly.

There Is Life Out There…Underwater

Humans spend so much time looking to the stars for weird and wonderful creatures, they almost forget how much there is still left on Earth to surprise us. After all, 95% of the world’s oceans remain unexplored by humans – below a certain depth, the pressure is impossible to survive for us. So what kind of weird creatures are hanging out down there?

Imaginations were further stoked to that topic by “Bloop”, a recording of a sound deep beneath the waves taken by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which was really low-frequency and crazy powerful, unlike anything they’d ever heard before. The closest comparison was icequakes (icebergs falling apart underwater).

Dies In The Bermuda Triangle

It’s still up for debate exactly what the heck is going on in the Bermuda Triangle, that large stretch of ocean (estimated to be between 500,000 and 1,510,000 square miles, between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda), but what everybody knows for sure is that a whole lot of boats, planes, and other forms of transportation that enter it never come out.

Plenty do, of course, and it wasn’t even included on a recent list of the world’s ten most dangerous waters for shipping. Some have suggested that UFOs are abducting people there, or that leftover technology from the lost city of Atlantis draws people down into the murky depths it apparently inhabits nowadays. Spooky.

Something weird’s going on there for sure, with multiple civilian and military vehicles being lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Bombers carrying weapons and Navy ships alike have been mislaid in the mysterious stretch of ocean, which had a somewhat significant effect on how many casualties there were in certain World War II battles, for example.

Disease The CDC Don’t Recognise

A significant amount of zombie stories – films, books, games, whatever – begin with a slowly creeping sense that something is wrong. News reports of an infectious disease nobody has ever seen before, most frequently accompanied by a member of the US Centre for Disease Control talking about how they’ve never seen anything like it.

That is happening right now. Sort of. The CDC have gone on record saying that they don’t know whether a condition called Morgellons Disease, which results in painful sores appearing all over the sufferer’s body, represents a new disease, whether it’s contagious, and categorised it as an “Unexplained Dermopathy”.


Ancient Artefacts Question Our Whole Notion


10 Unexplained Paranormal Events That Changed History

5. Ancient Artefacts Question Our Whole Notion Of History


Current estimates – based on fossil records and the like – reckon that modern human beings have been farting about on Earth for something like 200,000 years. However, it took a long, long time for us to do anything intelligent with our evolution above the other apes, instead being content clubbing each other over the heads and the like.

So how, then, do you explain the Dropa stones, discs dating back 12,000 years, which are covered in tiny, hieroglyph-like markings? Or even more perplexing, Klerksdorp spheres, 3-billion-year-old pyrophyllite deposits found in mines that have grooves or ridges carved around their outsides?

Roswell Crash Changed Everything

If you’ve heard of Roswell, it’s either because you were a child of the nineties who didn’t have particularly discerning tastes when it came to television programming, or because you’re aware of the conspiracy theory which inspired that soapy-sci-fi alien love triangle mess in the first place. Almost seventy years later, its ripples are still being felt.

Covered up as a crashed weather balloon (and possibly something to do with spying on Russia), there are many who still think the government secrecy over an unidentified flying object landing unexpectedly in somebody’s living room was a sign of US involvement with extraterrestrials. Area 51 being just down the road didn’t help.

Haunted College Dorm Sealed Off

The haunting of Room 428 may have only changed history in a very small way, but it’s certainly significant. Reports of hauntings in the dormitory room at Ohio University in Athens stretch back decades, with the Wilson Hall building of residence for students the home to a ghost who died under mysterious circumstances in the seventies.

Stories since have ranged from the violent death of a young woman in the middle of an occult ritual, astral projection conducted by its occupants, along with multiple honest-to-goodness poltergeist sightings reported from multiple people – students and teachers – with objects being lifted and hurled violently through the air.